Business concept

Business concept

The overall business concept of Garpco operations concerns the acquisition, long term ownership and the development of industrial and commercial small and medium-sized companies in order to create satisfactory returns on invested capital for our shareholders.

Garpco will respond to the requirements of capital appreciation through investments in selected SMEs having growth potential without our investors being required to buy stocks or shares of any individual company themselves. Furthermore, Garpco will ensure that each selected company is managed proficiently and individually profiled within their own industrial or commercial sector.

Business strategy

Garpco’s business operations will always be based on the application and maintenance of a low risk profile. Each business acquired in any area will have an experienced company management team having a substantial knowledge and competence concerning the technology and marketing strategies involved within each individual operation. Company operations are expected to develop based on synergies of their unique production and market potential. Garpco will continue to expand based on an organic growth through product development and new market initiatives, as well as by the acquisition of new compatible businesses.


Garpco’s main strategy and aims are to acquire and subsequently enable the development and expansion of small and medium-sized industrial and/or commercial companies within the manufacturing, building construction and commercial sectors. All Garpco’s company acquisitions must have a defined profile within their sector and show an obvious potential for future positive growth and development.


Garpco will maintain a long term view and perspective in its business ownership strategy concerning its various operations. However, an entire Garpco business area and/or any subsidiary company may be open for acquisition by a new owner should they be expected to continue the development, expansion and profitability of the business in a more efficient way than Garpco.

A company group focusing on business growth and development.

En företagsgrupp för tillväxt och utveckling