Key ratios


The turnover of the Garpco Group is 270 MSEK

Equity capital
The Group’s taxable equity capital is 101 MSEK, i.e. a solvency of 51%.

Business area: Industrial tools
Swedex AB
in Mjölby: One of Sweden’s leading manufacturers of carbide-tipped saw blades. The company also provides diamond-tipped saw blades.
Diamantprofil AB in Tyresö: Manufacturer of high quality electroplated grinding tools.

Business area: Industrial components in polymer materials
UW-ELAST AB in Mariestad: Manufacturing and sale of cast polyurethane products and polyurethane coatings. Injection-moulding of polyurethane parts, and marketing and sale of rubber rollers. Production is organised in three production units, one is located in Mariestad, one in Traryd and one in Kareby.
Gotlands Gummifabrik AB, Gotland: Subcontractor of rubber and silicone components to a large number of customers within e.g. the following industries: Medical, Cabling, Design, Automotive and PPE.

Business area: Interior design and furnishings
Awal AB in Hillerstorp: Offers, through its subsidary company Awal Display AB, a broad range of products within product display and store fixtures.
Glimakra of Sweden AB in Glimåkra: A leading Scandinavian developer and manufacturer of customized subsystems for public interior design.

Number of employees
Garpco AB in Jönköping and in Linköping: 3
Swedex AB in Mjölby: 35
Diamantprofil AB in Tyresö: 8                                              
UW-ELAST AB in Mariestad and in Traryd: 44 
Gotlands Gummifabrik AB, Gotland: 28
Glimakra of Sweden AB in Glimåkra: 46
Awal AB in Hillerstorp: 27

With our down-to-earth perspective, long-term thinking is a natural reflection of our business concept.