Awal Garpco Awal Display AB
Fabriksgatan 1
330 33 Hillerstorp

Tel: +46 (0) 370-37 52 00
Fax: +46 (0) 370-37 52 29



Awal logga

Awal AB is, since January 2011, a fully-owned subsidiary of Garpco AB. Awal AB offers, through its subsidiary company Awal Display AB, a broad range of products within product display and store fixtures. The company manages all stages in the value-chain from analyzing the customer’s need to design, construction, sales, purchasing, factory assembling, warehousing and shipment along with assembling at the customer’s store if desired.

The employees of the company possess a comprehensive experience of product placement and store design. Together with the customer a total concept solution is developed adapted to the customer’s product and range of customers. Awal helps its customers with successful store communication which means that, by having completely control of the factors that influence the buying decision, it is possible to stimulate the end user to choose a specific product.

Awal was founded in 1973 and is situated in Hillerstorp.