Swedex bild Swedex AB
Hallevadsgatan 18
SE-595 35 Mjölby
SwedenTel: +46 (0)142-189 50
Fax: +46 (0)142-129 80E-Mail: info@swedex.com
Homepage: www.swedex.se

Swedex AB is since 1998 a fully-owned subsidiary of Garpco AB and one of northern Europe´s leading manufacturers within its product range. The company has long experience and expert knowledge of applications requiring carbide-tipped saw blades.

Swedex also manufactures high quality electroplated tools and is one of northern Europe’s dominant players within the field. The grinding technology has several areas of use and is found within almost every industry. The tools, coated with either diamond or boron nitride, is for instance used when processing carbide metal, ceramics, reinforced plastics, composite materials, stone, concrete, tempered steel and stainless steel etc. When the tools are worn-down they can be re-coated for an extended duration.


Swedex AB, which was founded in 1983, is located in Mjölby and in Skogås.