TreCe AB Headquarters/Showroom
Importgatan 39
Box 6063
SE-600 06 Norrköping
Tel: +46 11-21 14 80


TreCe AB is, since December 2019, a fully-owned subsidiary in the Garpco group of companies.

TreCe AB started in the 1970s´- and has since then worked purposefully to become one of the leading suppliers of storage furniture for the office and public environment in Scandinavia.

Design, function and sustainability are important to TreCe and all the knowledge that has been built up within the company regarding storage and recycling has made TreCe an expert in these areas.

TreCe AB are experts in storage and recycling solutions for offices and the public spaces. TreCe´s furniture is based on great flexibility and function and the company creates solutions for the modern as well as for the activity-based office, where flexibility, userfriendliness and design play an important role.

TreCe AB is located in Norrköping with showroom in both Stockholm and Oslo.