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UW-ELAST AB is since 1996 a fully-owned subsidiary, operating as a subcontractor supplier of moulded polyurethane products, and wear-protection coatings, together with polyurethane and rubber roller coatings for the paper and steel industries. UW-ELAST also stocks their own range of prefabricated and standard polyurethane products for the manufacturing industry. UW-ELAST also has, since May 2021, a production facility in Burseryd with focus on customized details in foamed polyurethan.

UW-ELAST was founded in 1975 and is today Scandinavia’s leading manufacture within its area and is organised in three production units located in Mariestad, Traryd and Burseryd. The company also has a long experience as a problem solver and co-supplier to the manufacturing industry.

UW-ELAST is a knowledge management company offering unique competences which are applied in a range of different customer participation and development projects.